hacks for humanity

A platform to ideate, design and lead deeply impactful social initiatives that betters our communities through compassion, courage and collaborative leadership.

How it works

  1. Team and Individual Applications Begin

    Apply as an individual, to be added to a team, or as a team of upto 5 participants. Select the impact statement that you would like to work on. Application detail are listed below.

    It’s a simple questionnaire to help us curate a personalized and exciting team in order to support and match your energy for contributing to society! You do not need a full-fledged solution to an impact statement or a formed team to apply.

  2. Hacks for Humanity: Kickoff Event

    Come to this event to learn more about the Hacks for Humanity event, ask questions, and learn more!

    Zoom Link
  3. Hacks for Humanity: Design Thinking Workshops

    All teams are highly encouraged to attend this design thinking workshop. Don't worry, you don't have to come with an idea! Through the process of this workshop, you and your team will work together to explore the impact statement you have chosen and come to a concrete idea through this special Design Thinking workshop.

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  1. Mentor Office Hours Commenence

    Every team will be assigned a mentor. Mentors are industry and field expert who can help guide your team to success. You can get immediate feedback and learn from their expertise.

  2. Submit your Idea

    Submit your concept and idea. You will then recieve feedback about your idea before the Youth Festival commences.

  3. Hacks for Humanity Competition

    Work on your solution at the Shrimad Rajchandra Ashram in Dharampur. Compete and win!

Impact Statements

How Can We Improve Medicinal Delivery In Rural India (Or In Inaccessible Areas)?

Last-mile delivery is a major problem in developing countries. During journeys to certain remote areas, medical supplies often get damaged, stranded or lost en route. The COVID-19 crisis highlighted the challenge in reaching rural and isolated communities. How can we make sure that the people who need medicine the most also are able to receive it?

How Can We Increase The Supply Of Safe, Sanitised Water?

For millions of people across the world, water, a basic human necessity, is dangerous. The World Bank estimates that 21% of all communicable diseases are related to unsafe drinking water. What are ways that we can make sure the people across the world get easy access to clean, safe drinking water?

How Can We Reduce Food Wastage Globally?

One-third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally. Meanwhile, 828 million people go hungry everyday and are malnourished. How can we improve the logistics in food transportation, data collection on food consumption, networks for communicating excess and waste, etc? How can we make sure the people who need food the most receive it?

How Can We Reduce Landfill Waste?

Landfill wastes are full of toxins, leachate, and greenhouse gasses (methane, carbon dioxide, etc). The waste we produce is slowly killing our planet and poses a health threat to all those who live and work around landfills. How can we reduce the amount that we waste, replace items in our daily life with biodegradable alternatives, or break down the waste already in landfills?

Application Process

Application Form opening on November 8
You can apply as:
  1. Individual: You are an individual looking to get added to a team.
  2. Team: Apply as a team of 2-5 people. Please note, that if your team is less than 5 people may have additional people added to their team.

For Individuals:

  1. If you are an individual, you will hear from the youth festival team within 2 weeks of your assigned teammates or a status update.
  2. When you apply, please rank your impact statements from most interested to least interested to work on. The Hackathon team will accordingly find you teammates that match your preferences.
  3. Once your team is formed, you will have to submit the impact statement that your team has decided to work on to be considered a functional team for the Hackathon.

For Teams:

  1. When you apply, please indicate the impact statement your team is planning to work on. You will need to enter the youth festival ids of every member that is planning to be on your team.
Judging Criteria

Do you need a technical solution?

This hackathon is focused on ideating and creating solutions that could include a variety of different approaches. Your solution will be judged on how practical, thoughtful and creative it is.

You don’t need a technical background to participate in Hacks for Humanity.

Your score will be broken down with these components:

  1. Quality of Analysis
    1. Scope and depth of analysis
    2. Ability to draw valid conclusions from case data and research
  2. Quality of Recommendations
    1. Scope and viability of recommendations as it relates to analysis
    2. Creativity
  3. Quality of Presentation
    1. Logical sequence of presentation
    2. All members participated
  4. Alignment with Compassion
    1. You have designed your project with compassion in mind, made for the benefit of humanity
Sorry! Applications for Hacks for Humanity are now closed. Thank you!